Hatters v Stockport Lapwings

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City of Sheffield hatters vs Stockport Lapwings

Hatters once again dominated the court against Stockport Lapwings at home on the 15th of October as the 9 player team stormed to victory 116 – 23. The team players today were: Abbey Whitehouse (4), Alice Fallon (5), Zoe Kateregga (6), Maisie Melady (7), Jess Morey (8), Gianah Modest (10), Maisie Palmer (11), Laetitia Kasongo (12) and Charlotte Timms (13).

The hatters began their scoring spree in the first quarter, proving to the new team that they were not to be taken lightly. Constant layups from Abbey and Zoe certainly put the Sheffield team out in front in addition to the lack of rebound the Lapwings were able to get their hands on. After the first quarter the scores stood 29 – 5 with the Lapwings 22 behind the Hatters.

In the second quarter the hatters once again began to score basket after basket against the Stockport team via fast breaks and some tough full court defence. And with Abbey on a roll with shot after shot and some brilliant hustle from Maisie M, the hatters decimated the Lapwings 57-9.

The third quarter saw the Sheffield girls pull even further forward without their signature fast break as they began to play some fast precise offence and proceeded to work on their full court defence against the away team. With Alice and Charlotte both scoring a fair amount of baskets from various positions and plays. The Sheffield team closed the quarter 86-11.

In the final quarter the hatters finished the game with some and hard defence and rebounding with Alice scoring many quick baskets and the some team trying their best to avoid fouling out. The home team managed to break into triple digits for the first time this season (and hopefully not the last). The game ended with the final scores of Lapwings 23 – Hatters 116.


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