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A question I get a lot from British people is if I can understand their accents or if I like them. Most of the time if I try hard enough I can catch the gist of what people are saying if they aren’t speaking too fast. Usually I kind of just stand there with a smile on my face and nod my head as if I know what’s going on. No one should feel bad, I do the same thing in America, my mother says I have selective hearing. I only hear what I want to hear…true.

So I thought you’d all would like to know what I think of everyone’s accents on the team.

Charmain/Hailey – I think the New Zealand accent is lovely. I do find myself staring a lot when they talk but not because I don’t understand what they are saying. It just sounds so different. Like when they say Steph’s name. Makes me laugh.

LTJ – I understand everything LTJ says and I think its mostly because she talks slower than most people I’ve met. Sometimes when she starts speaking faster I don’t know what she is talking about but for the most part I like her accent.

Ellis – Best accent by far even though I never have a clue what she is talking about. She has one of those accents where you just feel compelled to repeat everything she says right after she says it, in exactly the same way she says it. I actually do that a lot (sorry Ellis). Can’t help it though.

Helen – Most of the time I know what Helen is saying because I am around her a lot more often. It’s not until she starts talking about dippy soldiers?? and mushy peas and then she loses me cause I don’t know what they are and I spend more time trying to figure that out instead of focusing on what she is saying.

Sarah – most articulate British accent that I’ve heard. Sometimes when she is talking to Helen I am confused as to what is going on, but most of the time I know what Sarah is saying. It did take me a while to get the pre-game cheer down cause she says it so quick.

Rachel – Rachel is easy for me to understand. I think she takes her time a lot more when she speaks, until…

Naomi – when Naomi talks, all  I hear is “mumble mumble mumble and I was like mumble mumble, mumble so I said, mumble mumble mumble.” She speaks way too fast for my brain to comprehend. When Rachel and Naomi talk to each other all I hear is “mumble mumble mumble hahahahahah mumble mumble mumble haha I know right mumble mumble” Safe to say when they have a conversation or talk to me I say ‘what’ a lot and I feel bad cause no one should have to repeat themselves as much as Naomi has to do when she talks to me. I try to just laugh with them and piece together what they said afterwards.

Julie – Easy enough to understand Julie pretty much all the time. Sometimes she talks very low so I don’t know what is going on but I get it most of the time.

Steph – Steph is American, and she talks so slow. I always know what she is saying, but most of the time I still wonder why she is saying it at all. By far the funniest person on the team.


And for one more accent because it makes me laugh.

Elly – Elly and I were sitting on the bench in our first university game, this is our conversation:

Elly: I wish I was tool

Me: What

Elly: I wish I was tool

Me: What

Elly: Tool

Me: That doesn’t make sense.

Elly: Yes it does.

Me: You wish you were tool?

Elly: yes, so it would be easier to get rebounds.

Me: Ooooooooooooooooh you mean tall.

Elly: Yea, what did you think I said?

Me: Thought you wanted to be a wrench or something.

Anyways, I am starting to understand her a bit more, sometimes I am a bit confused but its not that bad anymore.


Welp, headed to class. Bye!



  1. Sarah  January 29, 2013

    Haha love this. Note to self speak slower when I talk to you because I’ve been told many a time I speak too fast. Hope it isn’t too hard. Queeny x

  2. Sheffield photographer  September 25, 2020

    Haha, funny! You should go to Barnsley and try to understand people there 🙂


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