The Art of Procratination

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This past summer I started reading a book called The Art of Procrastination. After reading the chapter on how to take naps randomly during the day, it be came clear to me that I was a professional at this so I closed the book and started reading Time Management for Dummies (ironically, still haven’t found the time to finish that one).

So here I am living amongst the hills of Sheffield working on a masters course, playing basketball (when not injured), and coaching primary school kids. Wednesday, all of my University course work is due for the first term. True to form, I have procrastinated every chance I have gotten. I figured I would entertain you with the things I’ve actually done instead of work.

Went to see two films at the cinema in one day. I am on a film course though so I will mark this down as “research”.

10 hour skype conversation. Don’t ask me how that is even possible because I am not sure, but it happened and then I spent from 7 am to about 1pm sleeping. Side note: I also skype my parents any chance I get, mostly with nothing to say but just because they are lovely and its nice to see them.

One night I stayed up till 4am writing songs. Which is odd because I could have been doing school work and I think I thought about doing it, but I just kept listening to music and writing more lyrics to songs no one will probably hear.

Slept for 15 hours. I kept waking up and reminding myself I needed to do work, and then telling myself (lying) “I’ll just sleep another hour two.” Turns out, I was never very good at math.

Laid out all my school work, stared at it, then put it away. I call this a study blueprint. When I start to actually do my work I needed to know exactly where my papers were going to sit so I could go through them as efficiently as possible.

Worked out for 3 hours one day (not including practice). That’s a given. I’m surprised it wasn’t much longer.

Went out with my teammates. I mean, it was the weekend and I think after how hard I had been working at procrastinating, I deserved a real break.

Caught up on my American TV shows as well as Miranda. I never been much of a TV watcher though, but my mom says try everything once.

Had a conversation with myself. I needed motivation, and who better than to give me a lecture on doing my work than myself? Problem is my brain is being a bit of a rebel and won’t listen to me.

Lastly, I’ve wrote blogs. Exactly what I am doing right now. Hm…

With all this being said, and everyone reading this probably thinking, ‘she’ll never hand in all her work by Wednesday’ I would just like to point out that I am actually on track to finishing everything by tomorrow night. I have one module (out of 4) left to do work for.

Like I said, professional.



  1. Tobin Wrice  January 16, 2013

    Lol! Your a pro alright. The song if want to go somewhere and be somebody you got to wake up and pay attention.


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