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I am sure you have all been wondering where I have been. Its been a while since I have actually had time to post, also my computer died a little and it took me three days to resurrect it (no pun intended). Well these past couple of weeks have been very busy and if I wasn’t busy I was trying to sneak in naps (that always turn in two 4-5 hours worth of sleep/wasted time). If you don’t know by now, I am a full time student, on top of coaching in primary schools, on top of being on two teams (and even though I don’t play I still attend everything and go to the gym to workout), on top of being a full-time pedestrian (with one normal leg).

This week is a big week. Shooting my short film called Seven Years and I would tell you what its about but I don’t want you to steal my idea. In summary, a woman getting married is visited by an ex and then things get real cray cray. Filming is very time consuming. The next time you slander a movie you’ve seen recently, make sure you think about all the hard work someone has put into it (unless its Warm Bodies, cause that was real bad). My film will be 10 minutes long and we will be shooting for approx. 12 hours! Yikes. I know people are curious to see how it will turn out and some people are a bit sad that I cast someone other than Steph Gandy to co-star in the film. She was being very demanding though people, she wanted a trailer and everything. She also told me she wasn’t suited to play minor roles in low budget, independent films. Sad face.

Apart from that it was Hallam Varisty week (which still confuses me England), and BUCS Finals (which also still confuses me). In the huddle after our final game yesterday, Vanessa had to explain to some of the girls that I am American and no matter what they say the way they run university sports in this country will never make sense. I have some questions:

Why do y’all play every game on a Wednesday? Even Vanessa’s school team (I think it’s high school) plays all their games on Wednesday. Who was the genius that sat at the table and said “I know, we will play all our sports up to uni on a Wednesday”. Who were the other genius that agreed?

Why make people play games after they already lost? We had to play on Sunday after losing (still upset about that) on Saturday for fifth place? I guess its nice to give us one more game, but is it necessary?

Why play the championship game on the Wednesday? This is just a little irrational. I see the point, all uni games are on Weds, but still, what normal, broke college student has the money to go to Leeds and watch the finals when they could have already been there on the weekend. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

If anyone could answer those questions, I would be grateful.

Well, I took a short intermission to write this post. Have to get back to this film!

Happy Monday ya’ll.


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