Derby Ladyblazers v Hatters – Division 2

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The first quarter started quickly with fouls being made from both teams, however fouls were mostly made possible due to bad defence before hand. This caused a bit of tension for Div 2 although they were still enthusiastic to win only being down by 9 points.

The second quarter saw improvement as hatters managed to reduce the amount of points they made and fewer fouls therefore reducing the amount of free throws they took. This allowed Hatters to win the quarter.

After half time Hatters were even more determined to win, with the score being 36-30 to Derby. The defence kept improving meaning they only touched the free throw line twice during that quarter and scored 8 points whilst Hatters scored 22!

In the last quarter, Hatters insisted on staying in the lead by trying to play good defence yet not fouling them as it was likely they would have been called. They slowed down their offences a little more and so were able to win the game by 7 points! Hatters won 58-65. Well done girls!!


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