Derbyshire Diamonds v Hatters -Division 2

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The first quarter of the match started of with Derbyshire in the lead, most likely due to Hatters being slightly nervous. However, Div 2 fought back and won the first quarter. During the second quarter, Hatters fell behind slightly fouling the opposition on occasions and finding it difficult to defend the post players under the basket. The first half ended 34-32.

Regardless of the first half, Hatters returned on court enthusiastically with the intention of putting Derbyshire under immense pressure through intense defence which was clear in their change of attitude after missed shots leading to fast breaks. This allowed them to win the third quarter. During the last quarter, both teams played with great intensity and the score became really close with Derbyshire gaining on Div 2. Although Division 2 played outstanding defence and a lot of great fast breaks they lost 60-57 to Derbyshire, a really close game.


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