Division 1: National Cup Preview

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The City of Sheffield Hatters will be making their 9th appearance on Sunday in the National Cup Final against Team Northumbria. Currently the Hatters sit at the top of the league led by Steph Gandy, Helen Naylor, and Julie Page who all average about 18 points per game. The two teams have yet to meet this year in league play as their first encounter was forfeited by Team Northumbria. The Hatters, who will be well prepared to continue their stellar play, have not had a game yet in 2013 because of cancellations due to the snow.

Team Northumbria, led by veteran Ta’yani Clark will have a tough fight ahead of them. Not only are the Hatters undefeated, they have  won every game by at least 30 points or more. Team Northumbria is 1-1 so far in 2013 with a loss to Nottingham Wildcats on January 12th and a win against Leeds Carnegie last weekend. Both games had about a 10 point difference in score.

Last season the two teams met 3 times with the Hatters winning every contest by a minimum of 20 points. “It will be a good to play them since we haven’t seen them yet this season, and I know we are ready to finally start playing again, said Hatters’ Naomi Campbell. Campbell along with Naylor and guard Ellis Clayton play for the Sheffield Hallam University team which has beaten Team Northumbria twice this season. However, according to Campbell, “The team is different from their university team apart from a few players so we really just need to go out their and play Hatters basketball.”

The game will be played at Ponds Forge at 1:15pm. You can get tickets on the door, or you can follow the game by clicking on the link below.

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