Meet The Westfield Health Sheffield Hatters Team 

#4 Jo Lowry


Age: 16
Previous clubs & Caps (GB etc): Hatters-played 8 championship games for England U16
Favourite Film: Billy Elliot
Favourite Player:
Favourite Food: Chicken Enchilades
Greatest Achievement: Playing for England and winning European Silver medal
Greatest Influence: Betty,Lorraine,and Vanessa

#5 Skye Rees


Age: 25
Previous clubs & Caps (GB etc): University of Arkansas USA
Favourite Film: Hunger Games
Favourite Player: M.J.
Favourite Food: Apple Crumble
Greatest Achievement: Representing Basketball Australia at 15 years old
Greatest Influence: Mum

#6 Lauren Thomas-Johnson

Shooting Guard

Age: 26
Previous clubs & Caps (GB etc): Sheffield Hatter’s, GB Senior Women
Favourite Film: Rush Hour
Favourite Player: Diana Taurasi
Favourite Food: Fried Chicken
Greatest Achievement: Coaching my very own basketball camp this summer
Greatest Influence: My father Donald Johnson

#7 Georgia Gayle


Age: 17
Previous clubs & Caps (GB etc): Sheffield Hatter’s, England u18’s
Favourite Film: Love and Basketball
Favourite Player:
Favourite Food: Pasta
Greatest Achievement: Making England starting 5
Greatest Influence: Family

#8 Ellis Sara Clayton

Point Guard

Age: 22
Previous clubs & Caps (GB etc):
Favourite Film: Hangover
Favourite Player:
Favourite Food: Lamb Tikka Masala
Greatest Achievement: Graduating from Sheffield Hallam University
Greatest Influence:

#9 Helen Naylor


Age:  27
Previous clubs & Caps (GB etc): Doncaster Panthers, Leeds Carnegie
Favourite Film: Love and Basketball or Finding Nemo 🙂
Favourite Player: Candace Parker/ Tony Parker
Favourite Food: Nandos or Pizza
Greatest Achievement: Getting my degree
Greatest Influence: My mum and sister

#10 Sarah Cooney

3 Guard

Age: 31
Previous clubs & Caps (GB etc): Doncaster panthers (93-02) and Nottingham wildcats (02-05). Caps: England under 16, 18, 21 and senior women. GB senior women
Favourite Film: Armageddon
Favourite Player: Helen Naylor 🙂
Favourite Food: cake, any kind
Greatest Achievement: my baby, Bear
Greatest Influence: on my basketball career most definately Betty and Vanessa.

#11 Maria Estela Royo Torres

3 Guard

Age: 28
Previous clubs & Caps (GB etc): C.B. Mann Filter Zaragoza and Stadium Casablanca
Favourite Film: Cadena de favores
Favourite Player: Pablo Aguilar
Favourite Food: Beef with Sweet Potatoes
Greatest Achievement: National team u18, u19,u 20,u21. 2 european (silver and 4 position) championship and 2 word championship
9 years in the first team in Zaragoza playing 4 years eurocup. 4 o 5 queen cups ( 2 of them second 2 position)
Greatest Influence:

#12 Lisa Hutchinson

Point Guard

Age: 31
Previous clubs & Caps (GB etc): Been at hatters since 2002. Had a short break for seasons 2012-2014. Played for GB from 2007-2011 (approx 45 caps)
Favourite Film: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Favourite Player: Stephanie Gandy
Favourite Food: Mexican food
Greatest Achievement: my daughter Alice Jean but greatest bball achievement is being captain of the GB team from December 2008 – January 2009
Greatest Influence:

#13 Naomi Campbell

Power Forward

Age: 23
Previous clubs & Caps (GB etc): Sheffield Hatters 2002-present
England U16 2007
GB U20 squad
Loughborough University 2009-2012
Sheffield Hallam University 2012-present
Favourite Film: Matilda or Lion King
Favourite Player: Garnet Gayle (don’t tell him!)
Favourite Food: Cucumber
Greatest Achievement: Becoming a Maths teacher
Greatest Influence: Parents!

#14 Maria Monserrat Colom


Age: 18
Previous clubs & Caps (GB etc): CTEIB
Favourite Film: V vendetta and Kill Bill
Favourite Player: Kyrie Irving and Lindsay Whalen
Favourite Food: Tortilla
Greatest Achievement:
Greatest Influence: José Luis Alberola

#15 Steph Gandy


Age: 32
Previous clubs & Caps (GB etc): University of Michigan
Favourite Film:
Favourite Player:
Favourite Food:
Greatest Achievement: Becoming a British citizen or Breaking Betty’s Hand!
Greatest Influence:

Shanice Turner


Previous clubs & Caps (GB etc):
Favourite Film:
Favourite Player:
Favourite Food:
Greatest Achievement:
Greatest Influence:

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