I Forget Things, A Lot

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I have an decent memory. I also think I blank out a lot. Sometimes when people are speaking to me. I can’t help it, my mind loves to wander. So here are some of the things I forget.

Birthdays & Anniversaries: Sorry Mom & Dad. Every year two days before my parents anniversary I say to myself, “Sabe, your parents anniversary is in two days, do NOT forget to call/text and tell them.” Sure enough, the day of, I completely forget and end up messaging them something completely irrelevant and having to have my Mom remind me what the day is. So embarrassing. I do the same thing with birthdays. I know when my friends birthdays are but for some reason on that exact day, it slips my mind until I go on facebook three days later and realize I missed it. Sorry guys. (Which reminds me I should go on Facebook and say happy birthday to some friends).

Wallets, phone, keys: Really Anything I need to leave the house. The real trouble is, I live in the acttic. Two sets of narrow stairs. I usually get to the bottom and then check my pants or jacket and realize I left my wallet in my room so I have to trek all the way back up the stairs, and grab it. Then I get back to the bottom and I realize I left my gloves upstairs, so I have to trek again all the way back up the stairs and go grab them. THEN, cause this happened to me recently, I get all the way into the cab and realize I left my CRB in my room (which I need to coach in schools). I have this long debate with myself about telling the people I forgot it and then I say, I can’t lie (cause I remembered and was just being lazy) So I get out the cab and go all the way back up my stairs and then grab it and stare at my room to make sure I have everything I need this time. Once, I was in a panic cause I thought I lost my keys, which has the key to my house, my room and a 16gb flash drive with my Uni work on it. Turns out, I left the key in the lock to my room. Whoops.

What I am doing: Seriously sometimes I am sitting on my phone scrolling the pages of apps because there is something I wanted to do and it is very important, but for some reason I can’t remember and I keep scrolling through apps and then after a while I give up put my phone down and then lay on my bed. Then I remember a question and go ‘Oh yea that’s what I was doing, wikipedia!’

What I was going to say: Yea this happens a lot. And then my blank stare comes out and I am just sat there trying to remember while someone else sits their probably thinking, why isn’t she speaking. Also, when I am teaching in schools, sometimes I am trying to so hard to break down basketball that I forget what certain things are called.

To tell people things: Recently, a high school teacher of mine asked me to ask my parents for some pictures of when I was playing basketball in high school. I must have spoken to my parents about 5-8 time after she asked and never remembered to ask until I stopped talking to them. Then instead of messaging them when I remembered, I tell myself I will remember to ask them next time (I never did….my teacher actually ran into my parents and asked herself, embarrassing)

Okay, yea, I am forgetful, we established that. However, I do remember odd things:

1. Numbers: I used to not have a phone a lot, so I memorized important numbers and I could probably list about 15 or so numbers right now of friends and family off the top of my head. Also, I accidentally memorized my bank card number, which was very helpful once cause I left my wallet in a different state, and when I went to the bank without my debit card, photo ID, and social security card, they were very impressed with the fact that I knew my entire bank card number, my drivers license number and my social security number. And they let me take money out of my bank account.

2. Dreams: I have the most random dreams that usually I can recall in detail. Like last night when I was a teacher on board a cruise ship school for boys and I was having them fill out forms with their name, DOB, nicknames, what they wanted to be when they grew up and then had them arrange 10 songs in order from favorite to least favorite. Don’t ask.

3. Basketball plays: The fact that I still remember offenses I ran in high school (9 years ago) and college (5 years ago) is just a testament of my devotion to the game of basketball. Together forever.

4. Random bits of information: I am a decent student, and when I go to class, I usually don’t have to take notes because I remember a good amount of the information, which was helpful when I was at Northumbria cause I never actually took notes in those classes, yet somehow still managed to pass both exams at the end of the semester.

I forgot to mention that sometimes I forget to eat. A lot.



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