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This weekend is the penultimate weekend of the regular season in the WBBL. The team welcome Manchester to All Saints on Sunday at 3pm. It is likely to be a tough game as Hatters lost in Manchester just a fortnight ago. However Hatters did win all the matches in the Cup and Trophy competitions earlier in the year. They would really appreciate your support especially as their last two games of the season are both away next weekend.

This weekend also sees both the U18s and U16P take part in their respective QF playoffs. A win will see either team into the Final Fours Competition in Manchester in May. On Saturday the U18s must travel South to face Reading Rockets in a 2pm tip. The U16P game is at All Saints on Sunday tipping at 12.30pm v Southwark Pride immediately before the WBBL game. Why not make an afternoon of it and support both teams!

Good Luck to all our players and safe travels!


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