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This is going to be a busy weekend with all of our teams in action. Our youngest National League team have two games on Saturday in the U14 regional league. They face Barrow and Leicester at Leicester. Hatters games are now scheduled for 3.30 and 4.30pm. Also on Saturday the U14P team welcome Derby to All Saints. Could someone please confirm the time as I am not sure if it is noon or 2pm. Meanwhile Div2 will be travelling to Lancashire for a 3.10pm tip.

On Sunday the U16C team travel to Nottingham for a 3pm tip and the U16P team travel to Luton for a 1pm tip. Meanwhile Peterman FLT Hatters will be holding a coaching session for children from local Primary schools before they get ready for their 2pm tip v Essex Rebels.

Hatters are gearing up for Christmas and our Christmas Social is next Friday (6th Dec). Make sure you get your tickets from your Team Manager or me this weekend or Tuesday at the latest.



  1. Anna vann  November 29, 2019

    Tip is 2pm for the Derby game 😁

  2. Yvonne  November 29, 2019

    Thanks Anna


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