Haringey v Hatters – U16s

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Last Sunday, Hatters’ u16s began with an early start-meeting at All Saints at approximately 8:30am before embarking on a three hour drive to Haringey, London. With the warm up cut short due to a prior final eight game and supporters less than a third of the opposition it looked like luck wasn’t on their side. However, Hatters pulled through, greatly supported by the bench, taking the first six points of the game in their stride. They won the second  quarter by 11 points and kept a lead up until the last two minutes of the final quarter-ending on a draw. The end score of full time was 63:63.
The first overtime saw endless hard work and hustling from both teams resulting in several players fouled out on both sides and a draw. In the second overtime, Hatters became two points down with six seconds left on the clock. Iona Mckerrow was put to the line with two free shots in a make or break situation. In previous games this had been the downfall of the team (e.g. in November against Manchester over 20 free throws were missed in a 16 point game). Iona scored both. She performed when it mattered most. This led into triple overtime.
Three excellent fast breaks within the first minute gave Hatters a lead that Haringey could never take. The final buzzer went declaring Hatters the winners of a 3 hour game- 85:81. Everyone contributed in one way or another and it was a great team performance- persevering despite the captain Shauna Harrison being fouled out before overtime had even began.
Well done to everyone, and hopefully this is only the beginning!
Top scorers: Shauna Harrison, 23 and Emma Cheetham, 21
Match Report by Esme Court-Johnson


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