Hatfield v Hatters – U14s

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City of Sheffield Hatters vs Hatfield Fliers
The hatters added another win to their tally away against the Hatfield fliers on Sunday 23rd October. Hatters’ 9 player team consisted of: Abbey Whitehouse (4), Alice Fallon (5), Zoe Kateregga (6), Maisie Melady (7), Gianah Modest (8), Jess Morey (10), Maisie Palmer (11), Laetitia Kasongo (12) and Charlotte Timms (13).

The first quarter began quick move through the key by abbey to the basket earning the Hatters two free throws in the first minute of the game. Unfortunately, one of the shots missed but the ball was quickly rebounded by Charlotte and with a quick follow up shot the Hatters began their classic dominating stride. With some amazing hustle from Maisie M and some well-timed pass and cuts by Zoe and Gianah the hatters ended the quarter 22-7.

In the second quarter the Sheffield girls didn’t let up their barrage of baskets and began to use their fast break to a brutal advantage against the Hatfield Players. With drives and cuts from both sides the Opposition found it hard to keep up with them. And a long ball across the court to Maisie P to give the hatters another two points to add to their tally. Thanks to the efforts of the Sheffield team the score at the end of the half was Sheffield 41 – Hatfield 12.

By the start of the third quarter it was clear who the winner of this game would be when the Hatters began to begin another assault on the Fliers, allowing them no reprieve between their offence and defence. Repeated fast passes allowed for the Sheffield girls to gain basket after basket and with an amazing drive off the defence by Laetitia. The Hatters ended the third 60 – 24.
The fourth quarter saw the Hatters finish the game in true style against the fliers as all the Sheffield girls gave their all on defence. And with some strong drives from both Abbey and Maisie M and some brilliant hustle from Zoe, the hatters ended the game Hatfield 33 – Sheffield 79.

The top scorer for the hatters this game was Abbey Whitehouse with a massive 25 points.

Match Report By Charlotte Timms


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