Hatters Girls attend Pablo Aguilar Spanish Basketball Camp

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Three Sheffield Hatters ventured out and went to the Pablo Aguilar Spanish Basketball camp this summer. For JD, Emma and Eleanor this was their first European summer Basketball camp and they travelled to Al Cala La Real in Southern Spain for the experience. On their first day they went and played on outdoor and indoor courts, learning and playing alongside Spanish players. Pablo himself plays for Spain and is a very well respected and influential International player. Other coaches also came from the Spanish national team and Estela Royo Torres and Skye Rees, two of the Sheffield Hatters WBBL players from last season also coached.

From drills, to games, to competitions, every day from 9am through to 11pm was filled with activities. The Hatters gave a very good account of themselves, playing good offence and defence and also showing just what they can do against some experienced, Spanish players. Training also against much more experienced players allowed the Hatters to really excel and pick up their game. They were also picked for the starting five in the All Star game which had no less than 3 Spanish national players and the European Streetball Champion as well. Much fun was had, but a lot of basketball learning as well.

Great friends, great food, and simply great basketball was to be had and the girls are definitely looking forward to returning next year, perhaps with even more Sheffield Hatters as well.


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