Hatters v Hatfield – U16 Conf

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The first game in the U16 Conference for the Hatters against Hatfield and it was a tight game all the way up to the 36th minute when the Hatters late run was timed perfectly.
The lead changed hands several times throughout the game. Hatters good team play of keeping the ball moving was impressive as they orchestrated baskets as a team, while Hatfield constantly put pressure on the Hatters defense with dribble drives down the middle of the key and cleaning up any missed shots with offensive rebounds.
Just when you thought Hatfield had figured out how to stop the Hatters, up popped the rookie talent Brenda. Grabbing offensive rebounds and put backs, countless steals and the general defensive pressure was impressive and watching this was a great lesson on ‘making something happen’. A great performance from Brenda all round. In basketball, you earn the shots you take by getting rebounds, getting back on defense, out-rebounding and hustling for the ball and Brenda fully deserved the late game shot at the top of the key that fittingly swished.
Hatfield had several chances to make a score late in the game with attempted 3s that missed as well as layups but Hatters defensive pressure stopped them which let Daisy loose with a defensive rebound and one of her irrepressible full court drives, finishing with a cross up dribble to the middle of the key and an And 1 floating layup.

It was close, and a good first challenge to the season.

Match report by Mike Payne


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