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City of Sheffield Hatters vs Leeds Force
The Sheffield girls added another win to their ever growing tally at home against Leeds Force on the 12th November. The winning team consisted of: Abbey Whitehouse (4), Alice Fallon (5), Zoe Kateregga (6), Maizie Melady (7), Jess Morey (8), Esme Mortimer (9), Gianah Modest (10), Maisie Palmer (11), Laetitia Kasongo (12), Charlotte Timms (13), Vanessa Chinyere-Oji (14) and Morgan Peach (15).
At the start of the first quarter the hatters weren’t playing at their full potential as the offence collapsed and some silly fouls allowed Leeds to come within two points of the Sheffield team until some smart substitutions from the coach allowed the home team to extend their lead by a considerable amount. And with this game being lost and won on fast breaks the hatters were taking full advantage of their layup skills and sinking plenty of baskets to end the quarter Hatters 24 – Leeds 6.
By the second quarter the hatters were back in their full winning stride as their offence began to come into play and upset any chance the defence had to stop the baskets that were shot over, around and past their players. With the entire hatters team posing a threat to the basket there wasn’t a single way to mark all of the players successfully and with a total stat of 16 rebounds this quarter Leeds didn’t really stand a chance. Leaving the half with Hatters 40 – Leeds 15.
In the third quarter Leeds attempted to come back into the game but failed miserably thanks to some brilliant defence from the Hatters. And with some intelligent use of their offence the hatters managed to turn the defence around in a matter of seconds and turn it into a quick and easy basket for them. The quarter ended Leeds 29 – Hatters 62.
The fourth quarter saw the Sheffield girls end the game in true Hatters style as basket after basket slipped through the opposition’s defence. And with Leeds failing to return the favour their already chipped at confidence began to crumble and fall. Leaving the hatters to scoop up another victory. The game ended Hatters 84 – Leeds 33.
The top scorer for the hatters this game was Zoe Kateregga with 22 points and in second place was Abbey Whitehouse with 17 points.

Match report by Charlotte Timms


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