Hatters v London Feltham Warriors – U16 (Cup)

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The Sheffield Hatters went into their cup game against London Feltham Warriors with positivity and determination. Whilst both teams gained 4 team fouls creating several free throws, the Hatter’s  claimed a strong lead ending the first quarter at 25-14.The second quarter started with an immediate basket from Fallon, later followed by two 3 pointers from  Oliver and one from Jokonya. In addition to this,  Oliver made a total of four 3 pointers! Many points from Ashman and Whitehouse were also scored this quarter. Despite the foul trouble, the Hatters finished the first half with a great score of 48-28.    Going into the 3rd quarter not many points were scored either way due to tactical defense. The Hatters slightly struggled to score the ball as the Warriors protected their basket with a zone defence. Therefore, at the end of the quarter the score had only increased to 58-38.     Finally, it was the 4th quarter and the Hatters had much confidence in their team to win. Giving every last burst of energy they had Hatters pushed through and  finished the game with a fantastic performance, along with the amazing  encouragement from their supporters. With the end result as 78-47 the Hatters had won
By O Jokonya


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