Hatters v Luton – U16s Prem

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Home vs Luton- Match report

U16 premier won the tip off against Luton and went straight into a fast break with a nice pass and cut finished with a layup to start off the game. Unfortunately we picked up a lot of fouls in the first quarter and ended up on team fouls which isn’t great. At the end of the first quarter we were down by two but it didn’t put us down. Going into the second quarter we had a shot put up that missed but a great powerful rebound and put back which was the first 2 points of the quarter. We were driving to the basket more which led to the other team fouling us so they ended up on team fouls. At the end of the first half, we had a lead by 2 points which was really good for us. We played really good defence in the second quarter and ran some offences which led to finishing at the basket.

Going into the second half with a 2 point lead, meant that we had to potentially work hard to keep a lead over the other team, which we did! It was such a good second half for us as we took the lead by 11 points at the end of the 3rd quarter. We did pick up a few team fouls but not many as we started to play really good defence. Our offence was working really well and we started running different offences to try them out and it turned out that they were working really well and we got loads of nice points. Going into the 4th quarter with an 11 point lead gave us the confidence to keep that lead and potentially win. We had an amazing last quarter, our defence was so good that we ended up getting loads of good steals and finishing the layups at the basket. We also played full court defence towards the end which got us some more steals and more points. The final score was 82-59. We won! Well done girls it was a great game and a great win for us to take away.


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