Hatters v Manchester Mystics – U14s

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City of Sheffield Hatters vs Manchester Mystics
The hatters had a learning curve in their game at home against Manchester Mystics on the 29th October. The team consisted of: Abbey Whitehouse (4), Alice Fallon (5), Zoe Kateregga (6), Maisie Melady (7), Jess Morey (8), Vanessa Chinyere-Oji (9), Gianah Modest (10), Maisie Palmer (11), Laetitia Kasongo (12), Charlotte Timms (13) and Morgan Peach (15). After a nail-biting game for both teams the mystics eventually came out on top with a 5 point win.

In the first quarter the Hatters set off with one goal in mind. To beat the opposition and carry on their winning streak. Charlotte began the points for the hatters this game with a rebound shot and the hatters began their game. With an excellent defensive steal from Zoe and the Mystics on team fouls mid quarter the hatters made some good baskets. The end of quarter score was Mystics 11 – Hatters 10.

During the second quarter both teams fought tooth and nail for any sort of lead. The advantage swapping back and forth between the two teams periodically. But with some brilliant drives from both abbey and Zoe and an excellent cross court pass and cut from Morgan. The hatters managed to pull back the score ending the half Hatters 26 – Mystics 26.

The third quarter saw the hatters employ their 5-2-2 offence to gain them some excellent pass and cut baskets against the visiting team and with the Mystics’ defence being beaten over and over again they began to foul to prevent easy baskets putting their team once again on team fouls. Which the hatters gladly took advantage of to gain the lead. At the end of the quarter the scores were Hatters 36 – Mystics 34.

In the final quarter the hatters began to slip. Their defence becoming slightly sloppy allowing the mystics to gain some easy baskets. But with some long shots from Alice and steals by Abbey the hatters stayed in the game until the last 30 seconds but eventually the game ended Mystics 48 – Hatters 43.
The top scorer for the hatters this game was Abbey Whitehouse with 20 points.

Match Report by Charlotte Timms


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