Hatters v Manchester – U16s

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Hatters v Manchester

The first quarter was closely contended throughout with both teams playing hard and fast. A good defensive steal ended the quarter 13-10 to Hatters.

The girls continued to work hard in the second quarter pulling away 21-16 with 7 mins gone. Unfortunately Manchester had a short burst of energy scoring a 3 pt to close the gap taking the second quarter 23-24

The third quarter continued in the same vane with very little points difference to begin with but Hatters battled hard with excellent offence and defence from all of the team to finished 39-33 to hatters

Another tense final quarter where the girls had to keep their nerve and focus
With 5 minutes to go hatters go into it 47-43 ahead.
The girls fought so hard but the final score ended in a disappointing loss 49-52.

Ashante 21, Millie 7, Iona 6, Tash 8, Catherine 5, Brigha 2


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