Hatters v Myerscough -Division 2

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Div 2 won the tip off and went straight into offense with a 3-pointer to start the game. Unfortunately the team fell into some foul trouble giving the offense easy shots from the free throw line and the game seemed tight at the end of the first quarter with the score being 18-19 to the opposition. During the second quarter the intensity had grown with everyone attempting to stop the threes being made. Offense was a lot better in the second quarter making the defense make errors and placing us on the free throw line. Hatters won the second quarter (15-7) ending the first half with 33-26 to Hatters.

The third quarter started with great defense and rebounds from the team with many points from all players. However, the opposition were able to score threes even after great defense. In the last quarter intensity was high with many fouls being called on Div 2 and the score getting closer between the two teams but Hatters kept playing hard and were able to get a win the score being 69-63. Well done girls!!


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