Hatters v Nottingham Wildcats – U14s

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Hatters stormed to victory over Nottingham at home on the 5th march securing their place in the final fours. The entire squad showed a new level of play that hasn’t been seen before in any of their games. The winning team consisted of: Abbey Whitehouse, Alice Fallon, Zoe Kateregga, Lauren Knowles, Jess Morey, Ella Whitehouse, Ashante Richards, Laetitia Kasongo, charlotte Timms, Vanessa Oji and Tatiana Nsoungani.
The first quarter was one of the closest in the entire season with the first basket for the hatters coming from Ashante. With some well-timed passes and a higher than average scoring rate the hatters took a small early lead. But with the Sheffield team’s defence at a new high Nottingham couldn’t find a way through the intense structure of players. And with many injures for their team they just couldn’t pass the hatters. The quarter ended on Hatters 17 – Nottingham 13.
In the second quarter the wildcats upped the intensity realizing this wasn’t the easy game they were hoping for. And with some teamwork from the baseline players Charlotte and Tatiana the hatters gained some free throws and angry stares from Nottingham. Ashante dominated this quarter and helped her teammates secure many baskets and with some smart and structured play from Zoe the hatters ended the half Hatters 40 – Nottingham 35.
The third quarter marked the turning point in the game. Nottingham faltered as the hatters pulled far in front showing they deserved their position as one of the top teams of the league. With extremely loud cheering from the bench and spectators the hatters scored fast break after fast break and with some amazing offence basket after basket. The wildcats stood no chance against the Sheffield girls. The quarter ended Hatters 66 – Nottingham 41.
During the fourth quarter the wildcats made a last ditch attempt to recover and take the lead but their attempts were quickly shut down by the hatters. And with some layups and rebounding from the baseline players and amazing defence from the whole team the Hatters win the game. Final score Hatters 79 – Nottingham 55.


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