Hatters v Southend – U16s (Playoff)

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Our quarter finals started strongly against Southend creating a quick lead. Southend fought back to pull a bit closer ending the first quarter 15-10 to Hatters.

In the second quarter, hatters were strong again scoring a few quick successive baskets. Their defence was tight too keeping Southend to only scoring 2 baskets in the first 5 mins. Hatters continued their intensity scoring a flurry of baskets ending the first half 31-20

Third quarter continued in the same vain with some excellent attacking play and tight defence. The quarter ended 55-29

The final quarter saw Hatters continue with some great play and every single player contributed to the end result

Hatters won the game 70-39
Taking them into the final fours at Manchester

Ashante Richards 14, Millie Oates 10, Jess Southwell 8, Lauren Knowles 6, Brigha Allen 6, Iona Mckerrow 6, Catherine Gwenero 6, Zoe Kateregga 6, Tash Matewa 4, Tatiana Nsoungani 2, Charlotte Lowther 2


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