Hatters v Stockport – Division 2

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Div 2 started off strong with great offensive and defensive rebounds from the whole team allowing us to run the lanes for easy baskets and gain the lead 7-12.

Div 2 remained sharp in the second quarter forcing Stockport to try harder on collecting rebounds. A few fouls near the end of quarter allowed Stockport to gain a few more points so that they were trailing behind 6 points.

After half time, Div 2 continued to put pressure on the opposition and run fast breaks after hustling for rebounds. There were several great steals from players, and great defence under the basket meaning very few fouls were made. During this quarter Div 2 made a larger point difference between themselves and Stockport.

In the last quarter, Hatters kept outrunning the other team and running the lanes with impressive passes and lay ups. No fouls were made at all by Div 2 in this quarter. And the game ended 44-70 to Hatters Div 2.


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