Hatters v Stockport Lapwings – U16’s

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This weekend(17th October) Sheffield Hatters versed Stockport Lapwings at home for a, 12noon tip. Hatters girls started strong, leading to multiple players scoring off fast breaks. The lapwings top scorer in the first quarter was No.1 R.Balshav. By the end of this quarter the score was 21-13 to Hatters’ .In the second quarter, Jess Southwell received 4 foul’s. Fortunately she she managed to stay on 4 for the rest of the game. Meanwhile hatters girls win the first half by stepping up on defense against lapwings No.9(N.Sloan) who scored a 3 pointer. The first half’s score was 38-27 to Hatters.
The second half continued on very well. The team running a good offense leading, to jess Southwell and Cathrine Gwenero running a perfect pick and roll. In here there was also some good rebounding from Tashinga Matewe and Iona McKerrow. Rounding up the third quarter to 51-38 to Hatters.
By the end of the last quarter, Hatters won 70-49. This was achieved by the team doing good defense, stealing the ball and running lots of fast breaks. Another pick and roll was executed perfectly, this time with Jess Southwell and Brigha Allen. The top scorers and player score’s were, Shauna Harrison(16), Iona McKerrow(12), Cathrine Gwenero(12),Tashinga Matewe(8) ,Brigha Allen(7),Esme Court-Johnston(6), Emmy Bailey-Taylor(4) , Ronnie Francis-Lewis(2) Jess Southwell(1). Emma Cheetham was unfortunately not playing because of an injury.

Match Report by Catherine Gwenero


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