Hatters v Tameside – U14

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Hatters began their season with a learning curve as they lost 55-69 to Tameside. Both teams had practiced hard but with a year’s experience behind them Tameside emerged victorious. The hatters took the 9 player strong team made from experienced and non-experience players. The team consisted of Abby Whitehouse (4), Alice Fallon (5) Zoe Kateregga (6), Lauren Knowles (7), Jessica Morey (8), Ella Whitehouse (9), Ashante Richards (10) Laetitia Kasongo (12) and Charlotte Timms (13).

In the first quarter Tameside were up 22-9 due to some extremely fast fast breaks and strong hustle. All looked lost for the Sheffield squad.

The second quarter however saw the Sheffield girls rise from the ashes and caught up thanks tosome excellent drives from ashante Richards and Lauren Knowles and some brilliant defence from Charlotte Timms to leave the score at a startlingly close 25-26 to Tameside. But just as they caught up they began to fall behind again.

In the third quarter the hatters began another losing streak as the score once again became 40-47 to Tameside. Due to some sloppy defence from a few of the hatters. But with star player Ashante Richards on 4 fouls the team had to play smart. Charlotte Timms managed to do exactly that as she hovered and found the right moment to cut and created 2 on 1 fat breaks.

But the fourth quarter became the 10 minutes that would lose the home team the game. With both teams on team fouls free throws became the most common shot and Zoe kateregga and Abby Whitehouse managed to impress the crowd with their ability to make a swish from the line. But it still wasn’t enough as 2 players fouled out the hatters had to make do with a few less experienced players and tired out experienced ones. But with the final score being 55-69 hatters left with only a loss. But with a games more experience on their side maybe the next game will go better.

The lead scorer for the hatters this game was Ashante Richards with an astonishing 28 points.


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