Hatters v Tameside U14s

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City of Sheffield Hatters vs Tameside Royals


The Hatters dominated against rivals Tameside at home on Sunday 26th March. The winning team consisted of: Abbey Whitehouse (4), Alice Fallon (5), Zoe Kateregga (6), Maizie Melady (7), Jess Morey (8), Gianah Modest (10), Vanessa Chinyere-Oji (11), Laetitia Kasongo (12), Charlotte Timms (13), Steph Oliver (14) and Morgan Peach (15).

The game began with a brilliant drive from Zoe to start the score for the Hatters. Showing some amazing offence and gaining the first fouls from the opposition and giving the home team an early lead. With the pace of the game in their hands the Sheffield girls rushed at Tameside in all their fury and with some aggressive defence managed to end the quarter Royals 9 – Hatters 17.

In the second quarter the Hatters began the quarter with intensity but seemed to lose some of their composure a few minutes in but not for long as Maizie came barrelling through the defence to score another 4 points for for the Hatters. The half ended Sheffield 29 – Tameside 21.

By the third quarter the winner was clear as the too-and-fro between the teams became a more one-sided in the early minutes of the quarter with Alice and Abbey bombarding the Tameside defence. The Royals attempted to come back with a series of drives into the tight defence of the home team but ultimately failed as the quarter ended Hatters 48 – Royals 36.

The third quarter turned into more of a massacre as Tameside seemed to lose the will to carry on and allowed some easy baskets from the hatters to reach their hoop. And with Charlotte and Jess threatening the outside as well as Zoe and Maizie on the inside it was all over for the opposition as the game ended Sheffield 64 – Tameside 46.

The top scorers for this game were Charlotte Timms and Maizie Melady both with 14 points each but not far behind was Zoe Kateregga with 12 points.


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