Hatters v Worcester Wolves – Division 2

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Straight from tip-off, the opposition were off to the races with Hatters consistently attempting to stop the ball. Div 2 were able to start hustling a bit more and increase the intensity on defence. Unfortunately, a few back doors lead to easy baskets. In addition to this, players eager to make turnovers meant many fouls were being called for the opposition, however this only continued to push Div 2’s desire to win and they carried on playing their defence. The first half ended with Worcester in the lead 31-38.

Hatters continued to keep pushing through in the second half, still many fouls were called against Hatters allowing Worcester to gain more of a lead against Div 2 after free throws. However, there were still some positives as Hatters were able to break the press placed against them on several occasions and several great rebounds were made by the whole team. Hatters lost to Worcester Wolves 64-80.


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