Hatters Win GB Masters

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British Masters Champions 2017 – Hatters finish season with a Trophy!

Last Saturday Hatters Masters were in action at the Basketball Performance Centre in Manchester where they beat “Pick and Mix” (a South East based team) in a closely contested first game of the tournament.  It was the 3rd quarter before the team finally got into its stride,  after struggling to overcome the 8 to 1 first half foul count in Pick & Mix’s favour!…..a positive start to the 2nd half gave Hatters the edge as they continued to battle through and eventually managed a 3 point advantage in the dying seconds of the game.   

They then went on to face “Manchester Revive” later in the day, but the Cheshire rivals were no match for Hatters as they comfortably ran away with a 54-15 victory.  So now through to day 2 and the Championship play-off phase, there was plenty of catching up to do and much to reminisce about that evening in Manchester! 

Steph Gandy, (current WBBL Captain), joined Katie Crowley (previous Team Captain) this year in reaching the landmark age of 35 enabling them to join the likes of Loraine Gayle, Ann Zammit (original Captain) and Anne “Jimmy” Jamieson, stalwarts of the 1990s Hatters team!  They were also  joined by the Arizona based duo, Anna and Andrea Kagie-Hay who flew back from the states where they now live, Sarah Welborne (nee Winter) now based in the midlands and Lucy Graham (nee Hitchins).  The team spanned two generations of players with ages ranging from 35 -60 years old which epitomises what the Hatters is all about!  The icing on the cake was when Betty Codona, joined the team on the Sunday to take up the coaching reins once again to steer the team to a Masters Championship victory in beating Edinburgh by 3 points in a thrilling final.

Hatters are hoping to make their next appearance in the Galway Masters in November so watch this space!!….so any ex-Hatters player over the age of 35 that is interested in joining the team please get in touch

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