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Before I give my injury update, I need to speak about the awful tragedy that took place today. After sitting in the editing suite at Hallam for 7 and a half hours, I walked out of the university to find myself in a blizzard (and by blizzard I mean it was snowing regularly and not sticking to the ground). I was carrying two cameras, a tripod and a stereo microphone so I could bless every one on Tuesday with some highlights from the Cup Final this weekend. I was already 30 minutes late for my workout, and I sat staring at the bus station thinking I should just get on the bus and go home. Realizing I didn’t have 60p and the bus drivers always yell at me when I try to hand them notes, I decided to walk. I assume you are all waiting to find out what the tragedy is so now I shall tell you. I didn’t get cold. Yep, that’s right, the snow didn’t bother me, even when the flakes gently landed on the whites of my eyes, I kept walking until I reached the gym and then had the fastest workout which has since left me without the use of my arms and once again ruined my fish and chip Friday. Thanks Luke.

Okay, now for the injury update. For those of you who don’t know, I tore my achilles tendon in October, which is the first serious injury I’ve ever had in my life. I then re-tore it a few weeks ago. So life has been very rough in a sense because when I walk, I actually have to think about walking (it’s the little things you miss at times like these). I live up two flights of stares which also means I rarely leave my room because I don’t like to have to walk up and down the steps often. (If I am being honest, injured or not I wouldn’t walk up and down the stairs that much).

It has been more of a mental struggle than anything else. I wrestled with questions like why did I have to tear my achilles? How is it possible to workout 3-4 times a day in the summer and then tear my achilles in the first and only friendly (aka scrimmage for my American peeps)? There were plenty more of those questions but, I had to move past the “why” because it happened, and I had to accept that. Now the issue is remembering it happened. Wanting to rehab and push myself to get better but fearing hearing (that rhymed, thanks) that snap again. Lastly, watching everyone play, walk, run, and jump. When I see all that happening it makes me really miss everything about the game of basketball.

Alas, it will be a lot more weeks (more than two everyone) until I am able to be back to my normal playing self. While I am enjoying being the unofficial media person for the Hatters and my film course, I do miss the feeling of being on the court more than anything. I am very thankful for my teammates, my friends back home and most importantly my Mom and Dad for really helping to push through the injury. I also have to give a nice shout out to Luke cause he has been keeping me motivated at the gym to continue to rehab my ankle and get past my fear.

Cup Final tomorrow, be on the look out for some highlights.

Leggo Hatters!



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