Lancashire Spinners v Hatters – U14s

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Sheffield Hatters vs Lancashire Spinners Bury

The hatters won once again against Lancashire as a repeat of their pre-season triumph against the other team. Hatters entered this game with only 10 players: Abbey Whitehouse (4), Alice Fallon (5), Zoe Kateregga (6), Morgan Peach (7), Giana Modest (8), Esme Mortimer (9), Jess Morey (10), Maisie Palmer (11), Laetitia Kasongo (12) and Charlotte Timms (13). The entire team played brilliantly and ended the game with a final score of Sheffield 89 – Lancashire 31.

The Sheffield girls began the game at full speed and power with an early game scramble, by Zoe, for the ball and some simple but effective offence from the entire team. And with a great pass from Abbey to Charlotte in the Middle of the key and some fouls from the opposition the Hatters began to pull out in front ending the first jam packed quarter on 23 to Burys’s 4.

In the second quarter the hatters began to slip a bit causing the opposition to gain some easy points but that was quickly rectified by some harsh words from the coach and some brilliant teamwork from the girls to get some easy baskets of their own from well-practised fast breaks. Soon the Sheffield team were back into their winning stride and with some great rebounding from Abbey the Hatters ended the first half with a winning score of 44 – 12.

By the third quarter the win was certain as the Sheffield girls sunk shot after shot with all players giving it their all. Some great seals from Charlotte, some awesome rebounds by Abbey and some excellent drives by Giana later and the Hatters end the third quarter Sheffield 66 – Lancashire 23.

The final quarter saw the Sheffield girls pull the win home with some efficient, easy baskets. With Abbey and Alice scoring layup after layup and Morgan using the well created space to her advantage with some brilliant drives the hatters began to once again find their stride that lead them to the Semi-finals last season. As the Buzzer sounded the final score was Sheffield Hatters 89 – Spinners Bury 31.

The top scorer for the hatters this game was Alice Fallon with 21 points but hot on her heels with 20 was Abbey Whitehouse.

Match Report By Charlotte Timms


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