Manchester v Hatters – U14’s

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City of Sheffield Hatters vs Manchester Mystics
The hatters suffered an unfortunate defeat at the hands of The Mystics away on the 29th January. The 9 player team consisted of: Abbey Whitehouse (4), Zoe Kateregga (6), Maizie Melady (7), Jess Morey (8), Gianah Modest (10), Laetitia Kasongo (12), Charlotte Timms (13), Steph Oliver (14) and Morgan Peach (15).
The Sheffield girls started the game in high spirits as they began their game against the Mystics. With some nice rebounds from Charlotte and interceptions from Zoe the hatters managed to stay in the game ending the quarter Manchester 22 – Sheffield 11.
In the second quarter the Hatters began to put the pedal to the medal with some tough defence and great rebounding managing to keep the opposition down to only 14 points in the quarter. And with some brilliant fast breaks by the Sheffield girls, due to some well-timed interceptions by Maizie, the quarter ended Mystics 36 – Hatters 23.
The third quarter saw the fall in the Hatters’ intensity leading Manchester to widen the gap. The Sheffield team tried to recover but ultimately couldn’t finishing the quarter Hatters 28 – Manchester 55.
By the final quarter it seemed the hatters lost their will to play as Manchester began to score repeated fast breaks. Even with some more brilliant rebounding by Charlotte the Hatters couldn’t get their form back. The game ended Hatters 38 – Mystics 83.
The top scorers for the hatters this game were Morgan Peach and Zoe Kateregga both with 10 points each.

Match Report by Charlotte Timms


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