March Fundraising Committee Meeting’s Action Points

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Please see below the action points from the March fundraising committee. The next meeting is 23rd April at 6pm.

•  100 Club is up and running but please encourage people to join. It was pointed out that some people may not be aware they can pay by cash, so please make sure people know they do not need to direct debit if they would prefer not to do that.

•  The clothes collection did not happen on the 23rd March due to the weather. It will now take place on the 13th April (this Saturday). People     can bring bags down at training on Thursday and Friday and leave it in the gym room.

•  Easter Raffle 16th April – Tina taking the lead

– all teams to give a £20-£25 raffle prize/hamper

•  Jam Jar Collection on 23rd April – Steve taking the lead

•  Any small items to be sold on Ebay please pass to Jane.

•  Before the next meeting we agreed to all think about what we want to do for fundraising next season so we can draw up a calendar. To give out a calendar the beginning of the season.

•  I will speak to the Committee to see what roles need to be sorted for the sports dinner in September so we can allocate jobs as agreed in.


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