National Play-off Semi-final – Division 2

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Team Solent Suns 56 v Hatters 53

I’m still upset and infuriated at the way the game was concluded, so all I want to say about it is I accept we could’ve done certain things better on the day and in spite of the fact that Solent were much bigger than us player for player, we stepped up our full court defence to lift the tempo of the game and clawed back an 18 defecit only to have the ball stripped away from us by the referee in the last 28 seconds of the game!!

Following our time-out and 3 points down we had the final possession in our attacking half!…..The ball was passed in to Georgia who was absolutely “malled” by the defender, she protected the ball, the whistle went which everyone expected a foul to be called?!…..unbelievably with only 3.5 seconds into the offence the referee called a 5 second held ball violation?!…. Solent immediately called a time-out and now they had the last possession in our half of the court and the 3 point lead !

At this point I told the ref he’d got it totally wrong with this call as Georgia had not even used her dribble and I pointed out the 3.5 seconds played on the main clock – at which point he smiled at me and shrugged his shoulders. He was the MVP of the game in my opinion as he determined the outcome of that National Semi-Final! He made sure that we had no chance of pushing the game into overtime, even though we had fought back for the upper hand at this stage!

Can anyone tell me why some referees do this and make ridiculous calls at crucial times which changes the direction or outcome of the game?! (you hear everyone gasp in amazement)…..and destroys players’ spirit!!

…….On the long drive home I honestly wondered why we bother, all the travel, all the expense, all the time & commitment since September, just for it to end on that note?! Loraine Gayle (D2 Coach Hatters).


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