Northamptonshire Titans v Hatters – U16s

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After a great win on Saturday, Hatters U16’s hoped to keep up the momentum as the following day they faced Northamptonshire Titans who had recently defeated them. However, Hatters were determined not to let that this phase them as they started the game strong and intense. From pressured defence and excellent fast breaks this enabled hatters to get a huge head start at the end of the first quarter with a 3-25 lead. This continued in the second quarter as titans only scored 7 more points to a Hatters 16. In the third quarter Titans upped their game by increasing intensity on defence which caused hatters to make mistakes and turnover the ball several times resulting in a quarter loss of 16-6. Stepping into the fourth quarter, the Hatters girls started confidently. With strong drives from Shauna Harrison and Iona McKerrow having another great game after her return to form in the game against Northants Lightning the day before, an overall great performance from all the girls, the Hatters beat the Titans with a result of 40-67 which concluded a successful weekend for the girls with a double win.

Jess Southwell 6
Shauna Harrison 30
Emma Cheetham 2
Esme Court-Johnson 2
Iona Mckerrow 12
Cathrine Gwenero 4
Brigha Allen 8
Emmy Bailey-Taylor
Tash Matewe
Veroniiqe Francis-Lewis 4

Match Report by Brigha Allen


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