Pet Peeves

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These are a list of things that annoy me at the gym, just because it needs to be said. This happens in England and America and if you are described below, I encourage you to stop it.

1. When people don’t put weights back after use.
Makes me think their house must be a mess, but that’s fine, it’s your home. This is the gym. Clean up after yourself.

2. When people have 3 different sets of dumbells in front of them like its their personal home gym.
Um, hello, you’re not the only one here. Share.

3. Grunting.
I always think to my self, sir (cause rarely is it a woman), no one really comes here to hear you grunt and I shouldn’t be able to hear it when I have my Beats on.

4. Coming to the gym when you’re sick.
Why do people think its okay to cough, wipe their runny nose, pick up the weights, sweat and create heat, leave the weights on the floor with their germs all over them. Have some manners.

5. Footwear.
If they aren’t work out shoes, then why are you working out in them? I shudder at the though of someone dropping weights on a person’s foot who is wearing Tom’s.

6. People who don’t know how to lift weights properly.
And they usually lift the heaviest weights too! Out of control.

7. Slamming weights down.
Just annoying. Putting down the weights is just as much a part of the workout as picking them up.

8. People who leave massive amounts of sweat on the bench they were just at.
If you sweat a lot, use a towel. Thanks!

9. The mirror.
Unless you are working on technique, stop looking at yourself. There is nothing funnier than someone staring at their self doing bicep curls for 20 minutes and then leaving the gym.

Being considerate is all a part of the gym experience!

Like I said someone had to say it.


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