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Hello again. Finally, I’ve handed in all my work. I am supposed to be sleep right now because I slept a total of three hours after printing and arranging all my work last night. However, since my brain likes to sleep when it feels like it (particularly when someone is giving me driving directions), I have decided to share with everyone some of the things people say to me when they find out I play basketball.

1. I am going to just get this one out of the way because this happens way too much and I am sure I am not the only female basketball player that has to deal with this ridiculousness. MEN, when a woman says I play basketball, PLEASE STOP saying, “Bet you can’t beat me” or “I can beat you one on one”. We know what that is code for and majority of us aren’t interested. Be more creative, say “that’s nice, what team do you play for? How’s your season going?” There is nothing worse than a guy who barely gets any burn in a pick up game on a Sunday afternoon getting all macho because they’ve met a female who plays basketball. You don’t see Lebron James challenging women to one on one matches.  Oh yea, cause he is good at basketball. NEXT.

2. “You’re not very tall though.” Oh? Thanks for reminding me. My dad is 6’4 and my mom is 5’7 (although she swears she is taller than me) (actually she might be). Anyways, it’s obvious whose height I’ve inherited. But, my mom is faster than my dad so maybe I’m not 6’0 but I will run circles around all you tall peoples people with long legs.

3. “Oh, you are really tall” Although I take this as a compliment, I know the people who say this have NEVER seen a basketball game.

4. “Oh, you’re an athlete? I need a personal trainer.” That’s cool. Pay me. Unless you’re the creepy guy from my summer job who insisted on finding out what gym I went to so I could be his “personal trainer”. NOPE.

5. “What’s your favorite NBA team?” Only because I have to say Philadelphia 76ers. Yes people, I am still a fan. That’s how my father raised me.

6. “Are you famous?” Well, if I was, would you have to ask?

7. “I used to play basketball” Honestly, I never really know what to say after this statement except, “Oh, that’s nice”. And I’m not trying to be rude at all. If you make the statement that you used to play, I expect you to follow up with another statement to help move the conversation along. Graci.

8. “If basketball is so big in America, why do you play in England?” Well, why do yall have a McDonald’s? Next question please.

9. “Do you know (insert WNBA or NBA players name)?” Of course I do, I know everyone. (Usually the answer is no).

10. The last statement I usually get is not a statement at all. It usually someone jumping around and doing what I can only assume to be dribbling or shooting a basketball. This always leave me in an awkward situation and for some reason I can only ever smile and mumble “yea but it doesn’t really look like that.”

The only one of these statements that really irritates me is #1. So, if you are a guy, and you read this, and you meet a girl who plays basketball, don’t challenge her one on one, she’ll see right through your male chauvinistic way of trying to show a woman you’re tough enough to beat a tough woman. Not impressed.

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  1. molly axelby  February 18, 2013

    I normally get asked ‘do you slam dunk?’ and to that I reply I’m a 5’5 girl I can’t even touch the net what do you think? Agree with all your responses too!


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