SH Sheffield Hatters U14s Wins Leeds Carnegie Central Venue League

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Winning CVL U14s Hatters Team from 14th June

On Saturday 14th June 2014 Leeds Carnegie hosted a five team round 3 of the Summer 2014 U14 Girls central venue league at LMU Arena featuring Sheffield Hatters, Stockport Lapwings, Bury Blue Devils, North Yorkshire and Leeds Carnegie with Sheffield jumping above Bury in the overall league table. The Hatters girls did extremely well winning all their games to take them into the lead of the overall league even though they have played less games.

June 2014 U14 Girls CVL Results

Sheffield Hatters 25 – 14 Bury Blue Devils
Leeds Carnegie 12 – 16 North Yorkshire

Stockport Lapwings 17 – 15 Leeds Carnegie
Bury Blue Devils 15 – 13 North Yorkshire

Sheffield Hatters 31 – 07 North Yorkshire
Stockport Lapwings 27 – 04 Bury Blue Devils

Sheffield Hatters 30 – 07 Leeds Carnegie
Stockport Lapwings 21 – 15 North Yorkshire

Sheffield Hatters 26 – 14 Stockport Lapwings
Bury Blue Devils 16 – 7 Leeds Carnegie

Final June 2014 CVL Positions

1st = Sheffield Hatters
2nd = Stockport Lapwings
3rd = Bury Blue Devils
4th = North Yorkshire
5th = Leeds Carnegie

All results will be collated over the Summer CVL with awards given out each month ending with a Championship Final CVL in August crowning the winning team and celebrating the final positions


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