Sheffield Hatters U16s Just Miss Out in Their First Game

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Sheffield Hatters got off to a good start in the first 4 minutes with a lead of 9 points to nil. However, Manchester Mystics soon stepped up their game and brought it back to only a 3 point gap at the end of the first quarter. Once again, Hatters started the second quarter strongly, scoring another 5 points before Manchester had a chance at basket. By the end of the half, Hatters had a sturdy lead of 37-22. Hatters managed to keep the lead throughout the 3rd quarter but Mystics insisted on narrowing the gap and left it at only a 7 point difference by the end of the quarter. The fourth quarter was tense as Manchester brought it back and left the score at 62-62 in the final seconds after two missed free throws, forcing the game into over time. Over time ended badly as Manchester stole the lead, leaving the final score at 73-70; an unfortunate loss for Sheffield in their opening game of the season.

Scorers: Jo Lowry-26, Eleanor Goodwin-17, Courtney Bennett-16, Molly Axelby-7, Millie Dooley-4, Beth Rutherford, Eleanor Neath, Nancy Ncuti, Jadzea Quinn.U16s


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