Sheffield Hatters U16s Match Report From the Pre-Season Tournament

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The Sheffield Hatters kicked off the tournament by playing Ipswich. The Hatters went out fighting, showing a strong defence, and then catching Ipswich on the break, so the Hatters were up by a few at half-time; but both teams battled through the 3rd and 4th quarter, however the Hatters remained solid and won the game by 15 points with a final score of 51-36.

Next up the City of Sheffield Hatters were to face Northants Lightening in their second game of the day, searching for another win. Sheffield and Northants fought hard against each other and by the half, there was only a few points in it. Unfortunately for Northants, the Hatters came out after the break hustling and eventually beat Lightening 46-29 making it two wins in a row for the U16 Hatters.

Then for the next game after, just over an hours rest, the Sheffield Hatters came up against the Southend Swifts. Knowing it was going to be a tough game from tip off, both teams were working very hard, and by the half there was nothing in it. On the other hand after half-time every player fought tooth and nail, and there was one point in it. The Hatters were on the verge of winning with the score at 39-38, but in the last six seconds, the Swifts scored the winning basket, causing the City of Sheffield Hatters their 1st defeat of the day, as the score ended 40-39 to Southend.

Finally the Hatters were playing against Stockport in their final game of the tournament. The Sheffield Hatters went out stronger than ever after their loss against the Swifts and played tough against Stockport Lapwings for the 1st and 2nd quarters. At half-time they were up a reasonable amount, and then after the break they stormed back out, once more attacking the game with their hearts, and bounced back, rounding off the day, with a well deserved end result of 54-31 to the City of Sheffield Hatters.

Overall it was a successful day, for the U16 Hatters 3 wins and 1 loss; and only a point in it. Also they took a lot from this pre-season tournament, doing new drills, and trying their best, and getting ready for the coming season.

Thanks to Beth Rutherford for sending in this match report.



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