Sheffield Hatters v Barrow Thorns – U16

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On Sunday the City Of Sheffield Hatters took on the Barrow Thorns in their second national league game. As the ball went up to start the game it was tipped out of court the first two jumps on the third the Hatters took the ball and the game finally begun. It was a slow start for the Hatters girls which lead to Millie Knowles from Barrow Thorns drawing first blood in the game and a quick time out from the Sheffield Coach. Running back out onto court Hatters shook off their rough start and taking control of the game and the quarter winning it 19-13.

Both teams fled onto the court to start the second round Barrow furiously fighting for the lead and Hatters fighting just as hard to keep it. managing to add a few extra points to their lead Hatters take the second quarter with 12 points being added to the score board to Barrows 8 points. bringing the first half to a close at 31-21 to the City Of Sheffield Hatters.
Entering the third quarter the arrow continues to spin as Barrow try to make up for their first half but the Hatters still came out stronger making the third quarter their strongest getting 7 unquestioned baskets at the beginning which kept the hatters spirits high and their heads up pushing them to get 29 points to Barrows 5 leaving the third at a 60-26 lead by the Sheffield Hatters.
Going into the final quarter Hatters come out still hungry for baskets which gave them their second best quarter of the game with 27 points to Barrows 7. Meaning the Sheffield Hatters win the game with an enormous margin of 87-33.
The leading scorers were Shauna Harrison 28 points followed by Iona McKerrow 13, Ashante Richards 13, Esme Court-Johnson 12, Tash Matewe 8, Brigha Allen 7, Catherine Gwenero 4 and Emmy Bailey-Taylor 2.
Match Report by Shauna Harrison


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