Sheffield Hatters vs Leicester Warriors

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Final score: Hatters 57-34 Warriors

The Hatters gained a win at the away game against Leicesteron 31st October. This 10 player team consisted of Abbey Whitehouse (4) Alice Fallon (5) Zoe Kateregga (6) Lauren Knowles (7) Jess Morey (8) Ella Whitehouse (9) Ashante Richards (10) Laetitia Kasongo (12) Tatiana (13) and Charlotte Timms (15) .The entire team played well and in the end were rewarded for their efforts with a 23 point difference in the final scores.

In the first quarter the hatters established a lead and managed just to hang on thanks to some great drives from Ashante and great ball handling from Abbey. Some players including Jess and Charlotte Got off to a slow start but managed to pick it up as time went on. There was some great defence from Ella and Tatiana and this lead to the scores ending at 17-9 to the Hatters in that quarter.

The second quarter saw the hatters maintained their lead with some excellent play from the entire team. Laetitia showed great determination and was in the correct place to receive some strong passes from Ashante. Tatiana controlled the game under both baskets gaining many rebounds for the team. But Lauren shined in this quarter showing her analytical skills by quickly deducing that her player was right handed and forced her onto her left causing her to no longer be a threat to the basket. Lauren also controlled the play and made sure to not let any player come at the basket without using their left hand.

In the third quarter Jess showed her skills when she drove to basket and handled the ball much better than the previous half. But she some more game time would greatly improve her play and confidence. Ella had some magnificent drives from the wing and baseline that made the crowd erupt into cheers. This quarter ended Hatters 43 Warriors 24.

The final quarter saw Charlotte finally start to shine as she managed to get many rebounds for her team and some excellent defensive play around the basket. Ella continued her drives to basket and earned the team another 4 points. The entire team worked hard to make up for Alice (a key wing and baseline player) being fouled out and pulled further in front resulting in a final score of Hatters 57-34 warriors.

Ashante Richards was the top scorer in this game with 20 points and Ella was Second with a total of 12 points.


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