Snow Day :(

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If you know me, you know I don’t like snow. Anytime I wake up and look outside and see snow, I know that my day is not going to go the way I want it, unless I stay inside. With that being said, I had a great day yesterday.

I woke up at 8am. I know, amazing right? I had to get to the bus to head to Uni, which was not fun. Cold toes…brrrrr. I spent from 9 am to 4:30pm in the Sound studio making more songs no one will hear. (I enjoyed myself though). The goal is to get better at using the sound studio so when I need sound effects and things like that for any film productions, I know what I am doing so I can make sure the sound editor can get it right. Anyways, there are no windows in the sound studio so when I finally emerged, I looked outside and it was snowing.

Coldly, I walked to the bus station and sat on the bus thinking about my scheduled workout with trainer Luke Parker. It was too cold to walk to the gym and I didn’t have the right shoes on (one of my many pet peeves) to workout in so I couldn’t take the bus straight there. Before I text him to cancel, I thought to myself…

1.What would Jesus do?

2. What would Kobe Bryant do?

3. What if my Dad found out?

With these questions weighing heavy on my mind, I made it all the way home and grabbed a change of shoes and walked to the gym. The walk was long. When I got to the second corner, a snowflake blew into my eye. The pain I felt at that cold little flake sitting on top of my pupil, I thought, “this is it, I’ll never make it.” I pictured myself trying to bench press with one good eye and a stinging pain in the other. Despite this, I trudged relentlessly through the 3 inches of snow and I finally made it to the gym (took a whole 3 minutes).

Luke made me do an isometric work out. Which I had never done before. It was quite difficult actually because everything was body weight. I don’t think he knows I weigh 165lbs (74kgs, 11 stone 7). Basically, I am a very heavy object for myself to pick up (I’m also only 5’7). The work out, while being difficult, was very good and short. My core/abs are very sore today which is always a good sign.

The only issue I had with my workout is, it was fish and chip friday. Halfway through my fish and chips I felt full. Forced myself to eat another quarter of it and then laid on my bed with a stomach ache from over eating. Lesson Learned.

All in all, I am very happy to say I feel stronger, and once this achilles is better, I will be very excited to play again.

 Iso Workout


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