Westfield Health: Proud sponsor of the Westfield Health Hatters

Westfield Health is one of the UK’s leading health insurers. Based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, the not-for-profit organisation was founded in 1919 to complement the NHS and help people access and pay for their healthcare.

Westfield’s ethos of ‘making a healthy difference’ rings true throughout every element of its work, from its range of innovative individual and corporate health plans, to the work of its dedicated Charitable Trust, which has donated more than £11 million to the NHS and medically-related charities since 1996.

By giving something back to the community Westfield is able to help improve the health and wellbeing of its national customer base of more than a third of a million policyholders.

Its wide range of health plans offer reimbursement up to set limits for everyday healthcare costs such as dental, optical and physiotherapy. In 2012 Westfield Health also introduced Hospital Treatment Insurance to the market, allowing employees to enjoy prompt access to private medical treatment and surgery for non-life-threatening conditions such as varicose veins and hernia removal, cataracts, and hip and knee replacements.

For more information about Westfield Health call 0114 250 2000 or visit www.westfieldhealth.com

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