Players Corner: The Wrap Up

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This is my last post of the 2017-2018 basketball season, and I’m taking quite a few things home with me. From walking up hills on hills on hills…

To eating beans for breakfast

And taking double decker buses around town.. It’s safe to say that England has really left its mark with me!

I’m loving chips and cheese (extra garlic mayo), and Quiche pies (hold the meat).

I love the water fountain next to city hall, and all the food options walking down London Road. I’ve even made some memories exploring West Street.. A girl just wants to have fun 😉

With all Sheffield has given me these past few months, I can only begin showing gratitude by saying Thank You.

To the coaching staff for making me feel as close to home as possible.

To my teammates for allowing me to go to war with them every week.

To the parents and Hatters family, for cheering and supporting us though our ups and downs. We know you’ve got lives and I think I speak for all of us when I say that your support is felt and appreciated EVERYTIME you show up!


To the little Hatters, I want you to find your top 3 heroes. If they’re alive, follow them on Instagram. If they’re famous, put a picture (or poster) of them up in your room. Use your heroes to remind yourself of your dreams everyday. I say dreams, not to get confused with your goals, because a lot of times your goals have been created to please someone else, but your dreams will always by created by you, for YOU.

Never stop learning.


I think I’ve said my piece, I’m no stranger to expressing myself, but the curtain is closing on this amazing experience, and its time to keep moving into the future.

I wish you all much love and happiness

As always,




  1. Mick  May 20, 2018

    Thanks for your posts this season Gianna, I’ve enjoyed reading them

  2. Andrew Longland  July 21, 2018

    This is such a great post.
    I’ve not been involved with the Hatters for over 20 years now but this just sums up everything that I ever knew about the club.
    The spirit, the family, the dreams.
    Well done to all involved now and in the past


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