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Name: Helen Naylor

Nickname: H-Bab

Age: 27

Position: Forward (1 to 5 depending on the day!)

Signature Play: Left-hand drive, right-hand shot.

Twitter address: @Helenbab9

Why did you choose basketball?

It was in my blood. I used to be a ballerina, but my feet grew out of the ballet shoes. Both my parents and my older sister played basketball, so it was inevitable that I would follow. My Dad actually played against Michael Jordan once upon a time!

Do you have any superstitions or rituals before you play?

Everything I wear on game day must be pink. My spandex, sports bra, socks, shoes and even my nail varnish. I must also eat bacon and eggs for breakfast and miss most shots in the warm-up then I know it’s going to be a good game.

What has been your best basketball memory so far?

Suiting up to play for GB is always special, but two of my best memories must be playing in Sheffield for GB alongside my sister and with all our family in the audience. Also winning a bronze medal with GB U20s at a European Championships was memorable.

You have an opportunity to work one-to-one with the greatest women’s basketball coaches in the world. What would you ask them to help you with?

I would get them to help me with finishing shots under pressure and under a lot of contact.

What would be your perfect weekend?

Winning a big game with my team, then relaxing in my team-mates’ hot tub and having a pool party at her house with all the girls – maybe throw in a glass of Vino for good measure!

At school your best subjects are/were and your worst are/were?

Well as many people know, I have been studying at University for a number of years now and I actually worked out I could be a Dr by now! My best subject would have to be Psychology. And as the maths teacher on my team would say, this is definitely my weak point, I struggle to even work out the points difference without using my fingers in a game.

You have one song, one movie, one drink, one type of food and three famous people to live with you on a desert island – what and who do you choose?

I like such a random mix of music from RnB, hip hop to cheesy pop and country music, but I would have to go with Diana King and ‘Shy Guy’. My one movie would be the ‘Lion King’ (as I know all the words from start to finish), my drink would have to be a raspberry mojito, Nandos would be essential and I would take David Beckham, Trey Songz to sing me to sleep every night and Cam Giganet.

Which of your team-mates has the best and worst fashion and musical tastes?

Me and Lauren Thomas Johnson definitely have the best fashion tastes, Steph used to be the worst as she would only ever wear her Hatters tracksuit. Naomi Campbell has the worst music on her i-pod, I think I found a Bewitched song on there the other day. We all like similar music though which is good.

Who or what makes you laugh?

Lauren Thomas Johnson and Naomi Campbell for the stupid comments they come out with and just general silliness always makes me smile.

Who and/or what do you find really annoying?

Hypocritical people who judge others.

The Harlem-shake and the ice-bucket challenge – did you experience either?

I did the Ice-bucket challenge with a few of my team mates and it was so cold. But, it was for a good cause and we did jump into a red hot pool right after it.

What other sports/sportspeople do you like and/or which other teams do you follow and support?

I don’t follow many sports, just the BBL.

Your coach is coming round for dinner and you have to cook (no excuses) what would you make them?

My coach is the fussiest eater in the world. She is vegetarian and will not go near peppers, which pretty much rules out every vegetarian option in the world. So it would have to be margarita pizza and some salad.

Something hardly anyone knows about me?

I cry at Disney films (don’t judge me) and I can play the piano!

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