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Name: Lisa Hutchinson

Team: Westfield Health Sheffield Hatters

Nickname: Hutch

Age: 21 + 10

Position: Point guard

Signature Play: drive and dish

Twitter address: @lisahutch123

Why did you choose basketball?

I used to play football when I was younger and started playing basketball when I got to high school and found out I was quite good at it. So I had to choose between football and basketball to progress further and obviously went for the indoor sport – plus I had just been to Florida and had bought the full Orlando magic kit, so thought I was the bombdiggity!!!

Do you have any superstitions or rituals before you play?

I have to score a right handed lay-up as my last shot right before any game starts, otherwise I will play rubbish.

What has been your best basketball memory so far?

My funniest memory was when I was playing under 16’s for England in the final of the four countries, and Arek Deng’s bra had broken and the coach was just yelling at us to do a zone press and she was just yelling I have no bra! But my best memory is also under 16’s, when I got MVP at the European Championships in Sweden. We didn’t win a game, but was still a great feeling.. lol!

You have an opportunity to work one-to-one with the greatest women’s basketball coaches in the world. What would you ask them to help you with?

I think I’m past any help now as I’m getting on a bit and have too many bad habits, but wish when I was younger I’d had more help with my confidence and three-point shooting. I don’t think I’ve ever had confidence in my own shot!

What would be your perfect weekend?

Family, friends, sun, cocktails, champagne, good food, music, dancing, fun!

At school your best subjects are/were and your worst are/were?

PE obviously, but weirdly I was really good at Graphic Design and got an A in my GCSE lol! I was really bad at geography and history and just used to spend lessons passing notes between my friends (this was obviously before mobile phones… ha,ha)

You have one song, one movie, one drink, one type of food and three famous people to live with you on a desert island – what and who do you choose?

Build me up buttercup, chitty chitty bang bang, fizzy vimto, fajitas, Adam sandler coz I love his films and his humour, Leonardo DiCaprio coz I had a huge crush on him when I was younger and Gordon Ramsey, coz he is brilliant

Which of your team-mates has the best and worst fashion and musical tastes?

LTJ (Lauren Thomas-Johnson) hasthe  best as she just wears random stuff and always looks good! Steph is suspect as she just likes to wear spandex round the house. I probably have worst music taste as I listen to Heart fm and musical CD’s.

Who or what makes you laugh?

My mum, because she comes out with the best one liners and she doesn’t even realise how funny she is! Also her nickname is ‘Pinball’ coz that’s what she does after a few drinks…lol!

Who and/or what do you find really annoying?

People without manners or just generally rude. Since having a baby, I have noticed how ignorant and rude some people can be! Letting doors close on my pram, barging past because I’m taking too long, tutting and dirty looks when Alice makes a noise!

The Harlem-shake and the ice-bucket challenge – did you experience either?

My team-mates got me with the ice bucket challenge, but luckily I was at Steph’s pool party at the time so got to jump in a nice warm pool straight after!

What other sports/sportspeople do you like and/or which other teams do you follow and support?

I used to be a massive Man Utd supporter when I was younger. Me and my brother had every single kit, even the invisible grey one! I love watching athletics and gymnastics when the Olympics come around.

Your coach is coming round for dinner and you have to cook (no excuses) what would you make them?

A Mexican feast because it’s my favourite, however my coach is a vegetarian and doesn’t like peppers, so I guess she just gets onions and mushrooms in a wrap – oooops!

Finally, tell us something hardly anybody or nobody knows about you – a secret crush, special talent or anything at all!

Since having a baby I have found my talent of crocheting baby blankets and me and my mum have started our own little business! Check it out here and help us spread the word lol!

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