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Hello again my dear friends. I have decided to write up a small dictionary to help translate some of the things us basketball players and coaches say. Enjoy!


“She’s not that nice (or good)”: Really, whoever said person is, she is indeed very good, talented even. She is probably one of the top players in the league but because she’s not on my team, I’m not going to admit that.

“I played awful today”: Scored about 20+ points, had 7 rebounds 5 assists and 2 steals but, because I can only remember the three shots I missed and the four turnovers I had I don’t remember playing very well.

“I’m tired”: 1. (said before practice) I really don’t want to be here, I’d rather be lying in my bed but for some reason I keep coming back every day, each year and subjecting my body to this beating. I really do love this game. 2. (said before a game) I’m about to have a monster game.

“Could you explain that again please”: Actually I know what you’re talking about and I understand completely, I just want a little bit more time to rest before we start running again.

After a teammate fails to score a lay-up off of our pass “Don’t worry about it, get the next one“: If she misses another one of my assists I’m gonna go crazy! I practically put the ball in the basket for her she was wide open.

After we throw a bad pass to a teammate “She could have caught it”: That was a bad pass.

…and now on to the…


“What did you do wrong?”: Rhetorical question. Whatever she answers with, its going to be wrong. That’s how wrong she was on that play. I just want her to realize I know she messed up. Do it right!

“Where are you supposed to be during this play?”: You’re out of position. I know you know. You know that I know, you know, and I need you to get it together.

“If you don’t do it right we can sprint for the rest of practice”: I am getting tired of explaining this drill over and over again.



Now you know.




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