U16s Have a Convincing Win Against Stockport Lapwings

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The City of Sheffield Hatters came out strong taking an early lead against the Stockport Lapwings as they scored 14 points within the first 5 minutes of the game to Stockport’s nil, and 5 points of the Hatters 14, were scored from free throws. As the quarter went on, the Sheffield Hatters battled hard causing Stockport to foul them a total of 8 times. So by the end of the quarter the score was 29 to the Hatters and 12 to the Lapwings. Throughout the 2nd quarter the Hatters fought hard and played a solid defence, only allowing Stockport a mere 7 points, whilst Sheffield added 25 points to the shoreline making it 54-19. After the half the Sheffield Hatters continued to play tough as the Lapwings persevered for the duration of the 3rd quarter, however the Hatters totted up another 20 points to Stockport’s 10, with the quarter ending with a score of 74-29. During the final quarter Lapwings pushed the Hatters, although Sheffield remained firm, sealing the win, with an end score of 93-39. Overall, from beginning to end, the Hatters dominated, which resulted with the win, and they got a massive total of 68 rebounds, plus they took a mighty 28 free throws, due to their forceful performance.

The Scorers were Jo Lowry 22, Eleanor Goodwin 14, Molly Axelby 13, Courtney Bennett 13, Millie Dooley 8, Zoe Silcock 6, Eleanor Neath 6, Beth Rutherford 5, JD Quinn 5, Nancy Ncuti 1.


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