Wednesday Night Thoughts

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Recap of the season until now:

After tearing my achilles and being condemned to the bench for the first half of the season, I’ve been able to watch a lot of basketball. Our first game, we added Julie to the team and I believe that she hadn’t practiced with us before then. It was a Cup game against Leeds that we won by 20 plus. Since that game, we haven’t lost a game (9-0) and have beaten every team by 20 plus points. And that’s been in the absence of some of our starters in a few games. My favourite game to watch so far was the first Loughborough game. It was really intense at first because it was a close game, but Vanessa called a timeout and told us what needed to happen, and the team went out and executed. Game over. I also enjoyed the fundraising events and Christmas social. It was really nice to see the Hatters club enjoying the night. If you haven’t watch the christmas video, make sure you do!

Next half of the season:

It seems, as of right now, that we will continue the dominance. I should be off the bench and back in action which means LTJ or Helen won’t have to run the point anymore. Char is gone but her sister is taking her spot, and we will return pretty much everyone else. Really, it depends on how we play that determines how we do. We face a couple teams we haven’t yet, Team Northumbria, NASSA, and UWIC. I am excited to get back on the court!

But more importantly, I have an editing workshop in 30 minutes, a presentation and script pitch due tomorrow, and my best friend flies in to England tomorrow!

So, I have to get going…bye!


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